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Women as business partners

Women as business partnersWhen agro-businesses take gender aspects into account, their productivity and efficiency will rise. And the company becomes more competitive. But how to do it, and where to start? Read more

Managing an external evaluation in six countries

By Ben Haagsma

On the request of ZOA, Netherlands, FSAS conducted an external evaluation of their DCR funded programme with the specific theme of: Community based Livelihood development in view of peace and stability. This evaluation covered six countries – Burundi, DR Congo, Liberia, South, Sudan and Uganda – all recovering from different types of conflicts. The evaluation assessed the key assumption: Read more

Women as Inclusive Business partners: How companies benefit from engaging women

Eosta chili plukkerske med baby ‘Women as Inclusive Business partners’ is an initiative by BoP Innovation Center and its strategic partner ICCO Cooperation. It is built on the recognition that there is a business case for the private sector to actively engage low-income women in their value chains; as producers, processors, employees, distributors or consumers. Such business can be profitable and contribute to a company’s overall objectives, and at the same time help to meet the needs and serve the interests of women in the base of the pyramid. Nelleke van der Vleuten of Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services is project leader of the initiative.  This blog was earlier published by The Practitioner Hub, an online platform for practitioners and facilitators of inclusive business. Read more

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Blog # 3 (of 5) Dietary Diversity Score in Practice

By Marijke de Graaf

FNSIn my previous blog I focused on measuring the Food Security Situation at household level. In this blog I will elaborate on methods to measure the situation at individual level.

Nutrition is an important aspect of overall food security and goes beyond availability at local level and access at household level. Nutrition security is defined by adequate utilization of food at individual level. Together with infants and young children, adolescent girls and women of reproductive age are the most vulnerable for under nutrition. It can be assumed that once the nutrition situation of these individuals has been improved the nutritional status of all household members has improved.

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