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Infographic: Women’s Economic Empowerment Framework

Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) is a concept being heard more and more in development circles, but what does it mean exactly? Fair & Sustainable together with AgriProFocus made an infographic to visualize this important and often used concept. It’s based on publications of the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) and work done together with FAO for the development of their guiding framework for gender sensitive value chain development. Read more

Market and value chain analysis, Tanzania

Beginning of 2017, Fair & Sustainable Consulting conducted three studies for Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) in Tanzania:

  • Value Chain Analysis on cassava
  • Value Chain Analysis on beans
  • Domestic end-market assessment for beans

The studies took place in support of the Sustainable Agriculture Kigoma Regional Project (SAKiRP), which aims to facilitate value chain development through organising and empowering smallholders and linking them with traders, facilitating value chain financing, strengthening value chain service provision, market intelligence and multi-stakeholder processes. Read more

Geodata and ICT Solutions for Inclusive Finance and Food Security

By Martijn Vranken

Diagram GeodataSatellite data, drones, advanced sensor and software packages; these are just some examples of using technology in 21st century agriculture. As today’s farms in developed countries become more familiar with technology and investments in AgTech are picking up, how can geodata and ICT solutions also bring value to smallholder farmers in developing countries? Read more